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FlightPilotFromToDate A/CDist.RatingInfo
TK2602 Ayman ShawqiLTBALTCC 06 May, 16:37A320559 nm% 100
TK844 Can DüzenLTBALTAC 06 May, 16:27B77W197 nm% 100
TK7260 Ozan CekilLTFJLTAF 06 May, 16:07B738365 nm% 55
TK845 Bülent EroğluLTACLTBA 06 May, 15:57B738197 nm% 100
TK7174 Uğur YüksekdağLTACLTBS 06 May, 15:53B738285 nm% 100
TK2826 Erol OcaktanLTBALTCG 06 May, 15:44A320497 nm% 100
TK2051 Gökhan HotanLTBZLTBA 06 May, 15:42B738127 nm% 100
TK2116 Volkan TaşLTBALTAC 06 May, 15:35A332197 nm% 59
TK2505 Sohib Al MadhoonLTFELTBA 06 May, 15:21B738230 nm% 100
TK2050 Gökhan HotanLTBALTBZ 06 May, 14:28B738127 nm% 100
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Airline Statistics

FlightsAirbusBoeingHours DistancePaxCargo
2752577581976753906:39 20264663 nm4293674241663322 kg

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vFDR v2.0.4 is published

2016-04-15 23:06:34

  The new version of our virtual Flight Data Recorder is now published. We have fixed some bugs and implemented a new feature for the crosswind award. It is now active!


2016-02-13 04:12:03

  We have implemented a new set of achievements. Click here to see the details.

Best Pilots of 2015

2016-01-01 16:02:29

  We proudly announce the best pilots of 2015. As a thank you, we are awarding the best 5 pilots of 2015 with 1 hour flight with Boeing 737-800 simulator. Thank you to all pilots who support us.

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