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FlightPilotFromToDate A/CDist.RatingInfo
TK2645 Özgür KirazLTCALTBA 22 Oct, 21:28A320503 nm% 100
TK7016 Gökhan HotanLTACLTAI 22 Oct, 21:10B738220 nm% 85
TK2301 Barış BaşgilLTBJLTBA 22 Oct, 16:57A320179 nm% 100
TKI47 Özgür TackinCYOWCYYT 22 Oct, 16:40B738954 nm% 80
TK7207 Emek TürkerLTCILTBA 22 Oct, 16:25B738686 nm% 100
TK845 Salih ÖcalLTACLTBA 22 Oct, 16:14A319197 nm% 94
TK1959 Batuhan TümayLTACEHAM 22 Oct, 16:02A3191369 nm% 68
TK7180 Özcan DönmezLTACLTBU 22 Oct, 14:32B739239 nm% -36
TK1701 Peter SimonLTBAEDDS 22 Oct, 11:16B738950 nm% 100
TK2964 Anıl UygunLTBALTAC 22 Oct, 10:24B738197 nm% 95
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Airline Statistics

FlightsAirbusBoeingHours DistancePaxCargo
4983136836159989:06 3694824 nm73347134642849 kg

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Website Login Problem

2014-10-11 22:52:19

  There has been a security update with the website. If the website keeps asking you to login once in a while, please delete your cookies related to and re-login.

Flight Assignment

2014-10-09 19:04:47

  As of today, we have implemented Flight Assignment system. As you know, in real life, airline assigns pilots to flights. With this system, you will be assigned with one domestic, one international flight every month which you must fly. As a bonus of being loyal pilot, you will be awarded with extra bonuses on our rank system.

01/10/2014 THYVA Group Flight Activity

2014-09-24 21:53:54

  Hello THYVA Pilots, We are with a group of new flights. Details; LTBA - LTCI Date: 01/10/2014 Departure Time: 17:30 UTC Flight Duration: 01:55 Route: ERSEN UL615 SIV UL333 DORUK UA4 ESENK Chars: Notes: The Pilots, should fly with tracker. Click here for reserve to flight.: (You must be at LTBA!) We expect everybody. Have a nice flight.

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