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FlightPilotFromToDate A/CDist.RatingInfo
TK2433 Evren AgzibuyukLTAILTBA 04 Oct, 12:10B77W261 nm% 100
TK2405 Adar CebeLTAILTBA 04 Oct, 11:26B77W261 nm% 75
TK2807 Akar PinarLTFHLTBA 04 Oct, 11:04B738350 nm% 100
TK842 Abdullah TürkLTBALTAI 04 Oct, 10:53B739261 nm% 100
TK2168 Ali Riza MortaşLTBALTAC 04 Oct, 10:37B738197 nm% 100
TK2426 Adar CebeLTBALTAI 04 Oct, 09:59B77W261 nm% 41
TK1017 Vural ÇavuşoğluLTBABKPR 04 Oct, 09:58A320361 nm% 100
TK2408 Hakan ŞengözLTBALTAI 04 Oct, 09:47B77W261 nm% 100
TK2410 Evren AgzibuyukLTBALTAI 04 Oct, 09:37B77W261 nm% 60
TK1050 Vural ÇavuşoğluLRCKLTBA 04 Oct, 08:24A320204 nm% 100
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Airline Statistics

FlightsAirbusBoeingHours DistancePaxCargo
1819545701362535223:26 13213466 nm2807876156270963 kg

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Holiday Gift from THYVA

2015-10-01 11:37:56

  After countless demands on this issue, we have decided to re-open old flight assignments. You can now fly these flights until December 31th 2015, 23:59. All the completed flights will be automatically determined by the system and the bonus of assigned flight will be added to the date you fly. This way, rankings of the passed months will stay the same. As THYVA, we wish you all pilots to have a safe flights.

Login Problem

2015-08-09 14:47:44

  We are aware that some of our pilots experienced problems when they try to login to website. The problem should be solved now and if you still can not login, please contact us.

Connection Problems

2015-04-17 17:30:57

  Due to access problems with the API that IVAO.AERO has provided us and their new facelift in the website, you might experience connection problems. Please keep in mind that we are aware of the situation and will try to solve problems as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

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